New Cabinet full of ideologues with little grip on reality, says Long

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed a Cabinet “full of ideologues with little grip on reality,” Alliance Leader Naomi Long MEP has said.

Mrs Long was speaking after the Ministers were announced, including new Northern Ireland Secretary of State Julian Smith.

“What we have seen is the appointment of a Cabinet full of ideologues, with little grip on reality. Given those who have been sacked and quit, it appears Boris Johnson doesn’t like to be challenged or told home truths, particularly on Brexit,” she said.

“Earlier, we heard a speech from the new Prime Minister that was full of bluster, wishful thinking and empty promises. He doesn’t acknowledge Brexit remains a huge, self-inflicted wound which will undermine the economy and the capacity for public spending. He needs to realise the Withdrawal Agreement, and the backstop itself, are not up for negotiation.

“I wish the new Secretary of State well in the role. He has an important role to play in the ongoing talks process and must approach it in an impartial, focused way to help break the deadlock.

“While Karen Bradley’s tenure as Secretary of State will not go down in the history books, I wish her well and thank her for her service. She was doing the job with one arm tied behind her back due to Theresa May’s coalition with the DUP. Due to the current Parliamentary arithmetic, the new Secretary of State will be put in exactly the same position due to the Conservatives being in hock to the same party.”