New Assembly must tackle the carnage on our roads

Alliance East Londonderry Representative, Barney Fitzpatrick, has expressed concern about the high level of fatalities on our roads and has stated that the new Assembly must make tackling road deaths a key priority. Barney Fitzpatrick is a retired Senior Road Traffic Police Officer.

Councillor Fitzpatrick said: “The new Assembly must treat the problem of death and injury, due to road traffic accidents, as a matter of high priority.

“Last year we had 125 deaths on our roads. The new devolved government needs to ensure that all options are fully considered and every practical measure implemented to reduce this unacceptably high level of road deaths.

“The Department of Regional Development and the Department of Environment need to work together with local Road Safety Committees to improve awareness of the risks posed by drugs, alcohol, excessive speed, use of mobile phones and non-use of seat belts.

“Existing legislation needs to be amended and improved to deter behaviour which results in accidents. The also PSNI needs to be fully equipped to enforce this legislation, otherwise with the increasing volume of traffic on our roads, problems will only increase.

“Road Safety is a matter of concern for local people and I hope that the new devolved administration will accept the challenge on their behalf for safer roads, safer drivers and safer vehicles.”


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