Neeson welcomes increase in killer’s sentence

ALLIANCE Assembly member Sean Neeson (East Antrim) has welcomed the increase in the sentence handed out to the killer of Whiteabbey woman Angela Snoddy in 2002.

Mr Neeson, who supported the campaign by the family of the murdered woman for an increase in Conor Gerard Doyle’s sentence, stated:

“This unforgivable murder was one of the most brutal crimes I have ever heard of, yet the ‘life’ sentence was far from life. In no way did a minimum term of 10 years reflect the severity of this evil deed.

“I worked with the family of Angela to get Doyle’s jail term increased, and I welcome the Court of Appeal’s decision. We need to send out a signal that violence against women is a crime that will be treated seriously. Those who commit such horrific acts must be made aware that if found guilty, they will be put away for a long time.”

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