Neeson welcomes help for PMS savers

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has welcomed the package that the Westminster Government has put in place within the Comprehensive Spending Review for Presbyterian Mutual Society savers. £25 million will be provided with a loan of another £175 million to the Northern Ireland Executive.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “This announcement will come as welcome relief to the PMS savers, some of whom have been left in limbo for nearly two years.

“The delay in providing meaningful help has caused much distress and worry for savers who have not received any compensation from previous support packages. I hope this support will be available to all and not just those who invested large amounts of money.

“Savers at other organisations throughout the UK received help, it is only fair that those who put their money in the PMS are treated in an equal manner.

“This must not be the end of the issue, we must continue to work on behalf of savers to try and ensure that all the money that they invested comes back to them.”

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