Neeson to co-sponsor Omagh bomb debate in Inter-Parliamentary Body

Alliance East Antrim MLA Séan Neeson is to co-sponsor the debate in the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body that calls for the release of information that the two governments have on the Omagh Bombing in 1998.

Séan Neeson MLA said: “This is an extremely important debate. We are fully behind the victims’ relatives call for the release of information about the Omagh bomb.

“Serious questions must be asked if either government had any relevant security information prior to the bombing but have so far failed to release it.

“Gordon Brown promised that he would release any information his government had but so far has not done so. If all the representatives of the parliaments in Britain and Ireland support this motion then that will send a strong message to Gordon Brown to release any information he has.

“Last week, the Alliance Party brought a debate on this issue to the floor of the Assembly and we will hopefully succeed in delivering for victims through our campaign for the truth.”


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