Neeson says unemployment figures show we need green new deal

On the day that it was announced that unemployment increased in the third quarter of this year, Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has said the news shows clearly why Northern Ireland needs a green road to economic recovery strategy. He also slammed the Stormont Executive for its lack of an economic strategy for the region.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “This news show why there is a real need for a green new deal to be introduced by the Stormont Executive.

“As we saw in an economic report published this week showed Northern Ireland could still be up to two years away from economic growth and that is deeply worrying.

“I challenged Finance Minister Sammy Wilson yesterday in the Assembly over the Executive’s lack of regional economic strategy, and he provided a very unconvincing answer. The Executive needs to get real if it’s going to do what is needed to bolster our economy.

“How long does this devastating recession have to carry on here before they get the message that a strong and radical strategy is needed to let us reach our potential regarding the green economy. Such measures would present a great opportunity to boost our economy while helping protect the environment, and there can be no excuse for the Executive failing to deliver on this.”


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