Neeson says PMS savers deserve equal treatment

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has welcomed the Treasury Committee’s report on the PMS stating that Westminster must not shirk its duty on the basis of equality to ensure that PMS savers’ money is safeguarded in the same way as other savers in the UK were protected.

Seán Neeson said: “I strongly welcome this report. It is staggering that there appears to have been a regulatory gap in the system in Northern Ireland which left these savers vulnerable. Westminster has a duty to provide equal treatment and safeguard the cash of PMS savers in the same way they have done for savers with other organisations, like the Dunfermline Building Society.

“People in Northern Ireland should not receive inferior treatment to those in the rest of the UK. This sad episode must not end like this, PMS savers must not be abandoned by the UK government.”


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