Neeson says jobless figures show need for Executive action

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has expressed disappointment that unemployment has risen again for another month. Jobless figures were released today and the number of people who are unemployed increased by 500 in December.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “It is deeply disappointing that unemployment continues to rise. These figures underline the urgent need for the Stormont Executive to get back to real work and deliver a radical strategy like a Green New Deal to create more jobs and maximise Northern Ireland’s economic potential. At this difficult time almost everyone is worried about their job and I would like to see the Executive focus on the pressing concerns of the public.

“Job losses are a massive problem and put individuals and families under overwhelming pressure. My thoughts are with all those who have become unemployed in recent times and I want to see our government doing more to address this devastating problem.”


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