Neeson says drip feed of information on C Difficile is a disgrace and demands inquiry

Alliance East Antrim MLA Séan Neeson has expressed outrage at the way in which information on the numbers of people who have died after contracting C Difficile has been released on a drip feed basis. He also demanded an independent inquiry into how these tragic cases came about.

The Opposition MLA said: “I totally resent the way in which the public are being drip fed information on the number of people diagnosed with C Difficile, and the number who have died because of it.

“The statistics for the last quarter of 2007 are alarming to say the least. I am calling on the Department to establish an urgent independent inquiry into the reasons for this escalation.

“Furthermore the hospitals most affected need to urgently review the management of their patients, particularly the elderly who are most at risk.”


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