Neeson joins historic ships committee

Alliance Party leader Seàn Neeson has been invited to represent Northern Ireland on the UK Historic Ships Committee Seàn Neeson who has a huge interest in Maritime Heritage, says:

“I am very honoured to be asked to represent Northern Ireland on this most prestigious committee which looks after the interests of historic vessels throughout the UK. In Northern Ireland we have a number of the most important historic ships including HMS Caroline and the schooner Result which was the last ship to be built in Carrickfergus in 1885. It is my hope that the Result, which is presently at the Transport Museum at Cultra, will be fully restored and become a major exhibit in a new Museum.

Northern Ireland has a long tradition of Maritime Heritage both in shipbuilding, seafarers and shipping. It is my aim to ensure that Maritime Heritage in Northern Ireland is strongly promoted through the Historic Ships Council. My first meeting will be on Wednesday 30th May 2001.


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