Neeson hails gas price cut and says electricity must follow

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has welcomed the Phoenix gas price cuts and has said if they can cut their rates, so should Northern Ireland Electricity. Phoenix is announcing that they are reducing their tariff by 19% from 1st October 2009, which will mean that the average domestic gas bill will fall by £104 annually.

East Antrim MLA Seán Neeson said: “I am pleased that gas prices are again being cut, but I want to call on NIE to cut their prices also. If Phoenix is able to make cuts then NIE must follow their lead. There can be no excuse not to reduce electricity prices by a similar level now.

“The Utility regulator and General Consumer Council should put pressure on NIE to bring about similar reductions. Northern Ireland consumers pay considerably more for electricity than people in other parts of the UK, and they deserve a better deal now.

“Phoenix gas customers will be happy that savings are being passed on to them and they are feeling the benefit of an improved situation in the world energy markets. NIE must now do the same for their customers.”


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