Neeson disappointed at Lisbon Treaty rejection

East Antrim Alliance MLA Sean Neeson has expressed disappointment that Ireland has rejected the Lisbon Treaty with the ‘No’ campaign winning yesterday’s referendum. He also branded Sinn Fein hypocrites on Europe because of their conflicting policies on the issue north and south of the border.

Sean Neeson MLA said: “This is a deeply disappointing result for both Ireland and Europe. I regret that the Irish public, who have benefitted so much from Europe, are now central to its problems.

“The big parties in the Republic of Ireland did not run a strong enough campaign to win this referendum. They did not provide the clarity and positive message needed to get the electorate on their side.

“Sinn Fein are hypocrites on the issue of Europe. They heartily welcomed European Commission President José Manuel Barroso to Belfast, but went against the Lisbon Treaty during this important referendum campaign.”


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