Neeson demands review of Translink buses to improve service

Alliance East Antrim Representative Séan Neeson has accused Translink of using antiquated buses on local school runs. He called on Translink to conduct a review of their policy of using older vehicles to transport passengers.

The Carrickfergus Councillor said: “Yesterday, I travelled behind a Translink bus with a 20 year old registration. It was carrying out a school run in Carrickfergus and was discharging obnoxious fumes.

“While the bus may have been mechanically sound, it is simply not good enough to have our children travelling in such an obsolete vehicle.

“I am calling on Translink to conduct a review of their policy on using such old vehicles to transport all passengers.

“We need to see a vast improvement in the local bus service urgently because the people of Northern Ireland deserve the best possible public transport.”


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