Neeson demands fairness on EU citizens’ right to work in other EU countries

Alliance Party MLA Sean Neeson, has hit out at revelations that new European Union members’ citizens will not be allowed to work in some parts of the EU. He stated that such a move runs contrary to the key principles of the EU. His comments come as Home Secretary, John Reid, is expected to announce restriction on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens right to work in the UK.

The East Antrim Assembly Member stated: “This is absolutely unacceptable. One of the key elements of the EU is free trade, which means free movement both of goods and people, and the right of EU citizens to work anywhere in the area.

“If the EU is to flourish, it must stick to its principles and stop member countries from undermining them.

“It is disgraceful that new members are being disadvantaged because their citizens are being prevented from working in other member states.

“Such unacceptable strategies play into the hands of those who are eurosceptic and those who want to cut the UK off from the rest of Europe.”


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