Neeson demands decrease in number of government departments to boost efficiency

Alliance East Antrim Representative, Séan Neeson has called for a reduction in the number of government departments to cut bureaucracy and create joined-up government. He hopes that all parties can unite on this issue to ensure that cash can be redirected from bureaucracy to essential services for local people.

Ald Séan Neeson said: “Eleven departments are far too many for Northern Ireland. Its time to stop wasting cash on bureaucracy and focus on delivering better services for local people.

“These departments were artificially created and they do not make for the best use of government resources and public funding.

“This surplus of government departments means ineffective and inefficient government.

“I call on all the other political parties in Northern Ireland to commit to cutting the number of departments from ten to six. The present system simply does not provide joined-up government.

“For the first time, Sinn Fein have agreed that ten government departments are too many, so it would be great if we could secure an all-party commitment to deliver more efficient government to ensure that we can re-direct cash away from bureaucracy and into improving frontline services like health and education.”


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