Neeson challenges Chancellor over misleading peace dividend

Alliance Economy Spokesperson Sean Neeson has thrown down the gauntlet to the Chancellor Gordon Brown over the peace dividend for Northern Ireland. Sean Neeson said that the proposed dividend contains no new money and must be greatly improved to deliver a stable and prosperous society.

The East Antrim Alliance Representative stated: “He has misled local people by saying that there is a peace dividend from the Treasury for Northern Ireland when devolution is restored.

“All that the people of Northern Ireland are getting is what was already on the table for them before the Chancellor’s announcement late last year.

“If there is to be long term stability and economic growth in Northern Ireland, there must be a real peace dividend, not an empty gesture coupled with spin and gloss from the Treasury.

“The Chancellor must put his money where his mouth is to give the people of Northern Ireland the peace package they deserve, and give local businesses the chance to compete on a level playing field with companies from the Republic of Ireland.”


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