Neeson calls Murphy to reconsider axing of A2 upgrade

Alliance East Antrim MLA Sean Neeson has called on the Regional Development Minister to reconsider his decision to shelf the A2 Shore Road upgrade for 4 years. £16m has already been spent on the A2 for surveying and buying up of surrounding land and properties.

Sean Neeson MLA said: “The Department for Regional Development should give the go ahead for the A2 upgrade bearing in mind all the money that has already been spent on it.

“I am concerned that the Minister has not looked at this issue with all the correct facts and has made a party political decision instead of deciding what is in the best interests of the area.

“I am calling on the Minister for reconsider his decision. We have been campaigning on this issue for over 20 years, we can not wait another 4 years for this vital road scheme.”


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