Neeson calls for price regulation for heating oil and bottled gas

Alliance Energy Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has called for the regulation of home heating oil and bottled gas to help combat the devastating effects of fuel poverty in Northern Ireland. He said that prices often vary massively depending on the supplier and said that given the freezing conditions experienced during the winter and the tough economic condition here, action is needed to give customers a fair deal.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “There is currently no real price regulation of the oil industry here, and I believe that this is to the massive detriment of the public, especially older people and those on low incomes. People deserve a fair deal. With the freezing winter we have had and the tough economic circumstances we are in, many are struggling to make ends meet – this is simply unacceptable.

“It’s not just the oil industry here that needs regulation, but also the bottled gas industry. To provide best value for the public and help tackle fuel poverty we need action on this. Prices vary so much between distributors that a uniform approach to regulation is essential.”


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