Neeson calls for end to telephone ‘slamming’

ALLIANCE Party Assembly member Councillor Sean Neeson has called for an end to the “outrageous” practice of ‘slamming’ by new telephone service providers.

‘Slamming’ is the practice whereby BT customers, for example, are contacted by phone by rival operators and asked if they wish to switch company.

Mr Neeson stated: “From my own personal experience, I can say I rejected the offer. However, I subsequently received a letter from BT to inform me that I was ending my contract with them.

“The rival company obviously informed BT that I was leaving them without obtaining any permission or signed contract from me. I have also been made aware that this has happened to some of my constituents who have been contacted by the same company, Tele 2.

“I am very concerned that a great deal of pressure is being put on potentially vulnerable phone customers to change operators. I have made an official complaint to Ofcom, the telephone regulator, although unfortunately it has little power to deal with such practices. In light of that, there must be an urgency to change the legislation.

“I know that ‘slamming’ is on the increase in Northern Ireland, and I would urge any victim of such a ruse to report it to Ofcom.”

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