Neeson blasts East Antrim homes closure plan

East Antrim Alliance MLA Séan Neeson has expressed anger at the closure of residential care homes in the Northern Health Trust area. Mr Neeson demanded to know what arrangements will be made for the older people whose homes are closing. Homes are set to close in Larne, Greenisland, Newtownabbey, Antrim and Ballycastle.

Séan Neeson MLA said: “The Trust has been very short-sighted in making the decision to close these residential care homes.

“These closures will put far too much pressure on carers locally. That would be extremely unfair, as I don’t believe that carers get sufficient support or remuneration for the excellent work they do.

“What happens next for residents of these care homes? Many will face a very uncertain future and I feel for them at this time. Older people should be treated with respect as opposed to being put through this type of turmoil.

“Also, I want answers from the Health Minister and the Trust as to what will happen to staff at these homes, as their jobs are very important to the local economy?”


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