Neeson backs PSNI drive against hate crime

Alliance MLA Seán Neeson has welcomed a new PSNI initiative to combat hate crime and he called on people who see any incidents to contact police immediately. The PSNI campaign, which was launched today, comes after two racist attacks over the weekend in Craigavon and Cookstown.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “I welcome this new police campaign against hate crime. Today’s initiative is particularly pertinent given the two disgusting racist attacks that occurred in Cookstown and Craigavon over the weekend.

“I strongly encourage anyone who witnesses or experiences a hate crime to contact police and report the incident. If records can be gained of all incidents, police can allocate more resources to combating hate crime. Currently, I fear that some attacks go unreported. This means that police do not have an accurate picture regarding the extent of these disgusting attacks.

“Alliance campaigned for a long time to have hate crime laws introduced and we will continue to push for the full use of these laws to send out the strongest possible message against hatemongers.”


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