Need for RHI inquiry more pressing than ever, says Farry

The need for an independent public inquiry into the RHI scandal has never been more pressing, Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has said, after a senior civil servant said he believes a DUP special adviser influenced the decision to keep the scheme open.

Dr Andrew McCormick told Stormont’s Public Accounts Committee he understood the DUP special adviser Andrew Crawford exerted influence on the decision, although he had no direct evidence of it.

“This exposes yet another level to this constantly unfolding scandal, which appears to have new revelations every day,” said Dr Farry.

“If any of the numerous allegations made by Dr McCormick are true, it makes this issue even more serious than it was before.

“We have needed a judge-led, independent public inquiry into this matter from the start. Today’s revelations merely underline that and make it even more pressing.

“With respect to a series of accusations relating to certain special advisers, these need to be properly and fully explored within any such inquiry. As an ex-Minister, I am well aware the buck stops with the Minister. The Minister is fully accountable for any and all actions of their special advisers, whether authorised or not.”

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