Naomi Long MP recognised as animal welfare advocate

Alliance MP Naomi Long’s long-running campaign to tackle all forms of animal cruelty has been recognised by a leading organisation in the field.

The East Belfast MP has been named the BUAV -British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection – MP of the month, following her long history and on-going campaigning as an animal welfare advocate.

Mrs Long said: “I’ve always been an animal lover and have used opportunities in my professional political life to tackle all forms of animal neglect and to raise awareness of the unnecessary suffering inflicted on so many.

“As a Belfast City Councillor, MLA and now MP I have worked to secure a ban on wild animal in circuses and this was one of the first issues I tackled at Westminster – where a ban has now been agreed for England and Wales – and remain dedicated to ensuring a similar ban is introduced in Northern Ireland.

“The debate around animal welfare is becoming more common and the amount of correspondence I receive on this issue is on the increase, with constituents concerned about animal exports, tougher penalties for those convicted, testing on animals and hunting.

“I am lucky to be supported by my Alliance colleagues in this on-going campaign, with the Party strongly opposed to any form of animal cruelty – including blood sports and any hunting with hounds – and our elected representatives continue to be vocal at all levels of government.”


Link to BUAV interview with Naomi Long

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