Naomi Long elected Alliance Deputy Leader

East Belfast Assembly member Naomi Long MLA has pledged that she and Party Leader David Ford will deliver community leadership, after she was elected Alliance Deputy Leader.

Cllr Long, a 34-year-old Civil Engineer, stated: “It is a great honour to serve the party in this position.

“We should be proud that we have a party that does not have to force women into particular positions. Instead we have women in the position of President, Chair and Deputy Leader elected on merit. That is because we are a party committed to equality in practice, but also to selecting the best people for the job.

“My predecessor Eileen Bell was a towering party figure. There is hardly a room she goes into in Northern Ireland where she is not known for her diligence and energy. I know she will continue to put that energy into the party.

“I look forward, with the support of party members, to working with David Ford to provide leadership not just to the party, but also to the community. We can, as a party and as a society, achieve still bigger things.

“The continued support of members, old and new, is essential to transforming our society. The Alliance Party remains the only political party with the vision and influence to be a true catalyst for change.”

Naomi Long’s husband Michael, a Councillor in Castlereagh, was elected to the position of Vice Chair.


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