Naomi encourages organ donation discussion

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has used Organ Donation Discussion Day to encourage people to talk about the issue with their loved ones.

Despite 84 per cent of people in Northern Ireland supporting organ donation, recent statistics show 38 per cent of families here do not consent to the donation of their loved one’s organs when faced with the choice after their death.

Naomi said even one donor could save many lives.

“There is no question that local organ donation needs to be increased. I hope this campaign will encourage people to sit down together and have an important conversation about this issue, particularly in the run-up to Christmas, when families traditionally get together.

“With almost 200 people currently waiting for a transplant throughout Northern Ireland, sadly the chance to receive one will come too late for many. We must use Organ Donation Discussion Day to make as many families as possible aware of the benefits of organ donation, while ensuring they know what their loved ones want.

“I believe an opt-out system would be suitable for Northern Ireland, with any scheme also respecting the rights and wishes of those who want to opt out.”

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