Mulvenna welcomes backing for her virtual Council meeting proposal

Alliance Councillor Gerardine Mulvenna has welcomed plans for Mid and East Antrim Council to begin meeting virtually in June, a move she says will continue full openness and transparency in the local authority.

Having raised the issue again at the recent Party Group Leader’s meeting in the Council, Gerardine said she was pleased all other parties had fully supported her proposal, which will maintain ratepayers’ confidence in the decision-making process.

She added: “I wholeheartedly welcome this move and believe it is now the right time to do this. In these unprecedented times, local government must continue to remain open and accountable to everyone.

“I’m also pleased to see technology has been put in place to live stream these meetings, ensuring everyone has full access to decisions that could affect them – a change Alliance will be hopeful to see retained as we slowly return to the chamber in the future.

“In particular, in today’s current climate, it is essential Mid and East Antrim Council remains open, accessible and transparent in everything it does, and it will be great to see,albeit virtually, all elected councillors back working together again for the better of all our residents.”