Mulholland says independent investigation needed to get answers for families affected by funeral events

An independent investigation into events during the Bobby Storey funeral at Roselawn Crematorium is needed to get answers for the families affected, Alliance Councillor Sian Mulholland has said.

Councillor Mulholland was speaking after seconding a successful motion at a special meeting of Belfast City Council, calling for such an inquiry. It passed with 36 votes in favour. She said the facts needed to be established.

“I have full sympathies for the grieving families at the heart of this matter and I want to reassure them Alliance’s backing for an independent inquiry is in no way meant to compound the pain they have already experienced, but rather to seek answers in an attempt to gain clarity, learn lessons and move forward. I also want to take this opportunity to condemn the death threat against Council director Nigel Grimshaw and call for it to be lifted.

“This entire process has seen a drip feed of more and more information coming out on a seemingly daily basis, so we are at the point now where someone independent needs to look at this matter to establish the facts and move past accusations, hearsay and rumour.

“Openness and transparency is vital to keep public confidence in politics. The most important thing in all this is to get the truth of what happened – not only for the general public, but especially for the families involved. They deserve answers and they deserve them now.”