Muir welcomes planned Pelican Crossing at Belfast Road in Holywood

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has achieved progress in campaign to get a pelican crossing installed at the bottom of the Belfast Road , Holywood opposite Palace Barracks and the new Filling Station.

The Alliance Councillor is however calling for the Roads Service to avoid a potential tragedy and fast track installation of the new pelican crossing on the Belfast Road , Holywood near the new Kinnegar Service Station.

Commenting on the issue, Cllr Muir stated “A few months ago the new Kinnegar Service Station opened on the Belfast Road , Holywood. This busy shop and petrol station is attracting many pedestrians who often cross the Belfast Road to buy goods from the Spar shop. Immediately after opening I was made aware of concerns that traffic often travels along the road in excess of the 30mph limit. When I visited the site a few weeks ago I saw cars travelling at sometimes double the speed limit in advance of joining the Bangor to Belfast Dual Carriageway. Children and young people coming from Loughview and Redburn estates, Palace Barracks and Sullivan School are particularly at risk.”

Cllr Muir therefore wrote to the Road Service pointing out the traffic dangers and asking for a Pelican Crossing as a matter of priority. “I see it as an accident waiting to happen” said Andrew Muir. The Road Service has written back accepting the need for a crossing but have said that it is likely to be a low priority at this time of cutbacks. A request for additional signage has also been denied. Andrew said “The huge pain and costs of a child being killed or seriously injured at this dangerous part of the road far outweigh other considerations. I will continue to fight until this crossing is put in place”.

Concluding, Cllr Muir stated “In the meantime I welcome Police activity to rigorously enforce traffic speed limits on the Belfast Road and would urge all road users to exercise caution and adhere to the limit.”


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