Muir welcomes new safety protections for reservoirs

Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has welcomed the passage of the Reservoirs Bill through the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The local Councillor has been vocal in his support of local reservoirs, campaigning to ensure they are fully protected against any attempts to get rid of the natural environmental haven.

Councillor Andrew Muir said: “In recent years the lack of regulatory legislation was worrying, with many areas at serious flood risk in the event of reservoir or dam failure due to poor maintenance and no legal framework to enforce such.

With legislation soon to be in place people living near reservoirs or dams can live with satisfaction that government have, at last, stepped forward to reduce flood risk in the event of a catastrophic reservoir failure.

“I am however still concerned that NI Water will use this legislation as a springboard to sell-off redundant local impounding reservoirs to the highest bidder, which would impact everyone in the local community especially those currently using the environmental havens, such as Angling Clubs, or if purchased for housing development as could occur in Conlig near Bangor.

“I urge NI Water to suspend sale plans and commence an open consultation on future plans for their redundant local impounding reservoirs which involves local communities in order to ensure the vast economic, social, environmental and health benefits are not lost forever.”

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