Muir: Use your vote positively

Alliance Westminster candidate for North Down, Councillor Andrew Muir, has urged voters to use their vote positively and reject scaremongering on June 8.

Councillor Muir said: “This election will be one of the most important for generations. The next government will have the vital task of ensuring the Brexit negotiations deliver the best possible deal for Northern Ireland and the UK generally”

“It is important voters recognise, and reject, the attempts by others to bring the issue of a border poll into this election. This scaremongering is yet another desperate attempt to distract from the real issues, whether they be restoring devolution, creating jobs and protecting our Public Services”.

“As the Alliance candidate for North Down I offer a strong pro-Europe view on what is best for Northern Ireland. We benefit greatly from our membership of the EU and there is real fear many businesses and farmers will be badly affected following Brexit.

“On other issues, I strongly support an open, welcoming and inclusive society which treats all citizens equally and values contributions made by people from other countries who choose to live and work in Northern Ireland.”

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