Muir to take progressive politics into Westminster fight

Councillor Andrew Muir will contest the North Down Westminster seat for the Alliance Party next year, after he was officially selected at a special meeting this month.

The local Councillor – former North Down Mayor and Alliance Party Chair – will fight to gain the seat currently held by Independent Unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon, offering a clear alternative to orange and green politics with the vision of a progressive, inclusive, prosperous future.

Councillor Andrew Muir said: “I am honoured to have been selected to take the Alliance Party’s unique message of a shared future to constituents across North Down.

“During my year as Mayor I worked under the theme ‘Working as One’ and was delighted to meet and embrace many different groups and people from across the constituency. This won’t change as I hit the campaign trail ahead of next year’s general election, with my vision of a shared, integrated and inclusive society For Everyone to keep North Down moving forward.

“The Alliance Party consistently puts building good community relations first and every decision taken – from our two Ministers through to our Councillors and activists – is put through the shared future test clearly demonstrating we are the party of leadership who do not shy away from difficult decisions, rather than a party of protest or party reliant on tribal prejudicial politics to garner votes.

“I am proud to have made history as a Mayor who actively provided leadership For Everyone, especially as the first Mayor to attend a GAA Football match in the Borough and reaching out to many different groups – from welcoming the Orange Order to the Town Hall or actively embracing our rich Christian Heritage in advance of 1,400 Anniversary of St Columbanus death in 2015.

“As a Councillor I have always made engaging with local communities a priority and fought to ensure their views were well represented. Over the past few years I have campaigned and secured over £4million to tackle the odour problem at Kinnegar Sewage in Holywood, saved Cultra Station House, increased cycling provision, founded Bangor park run and secured Council support to establish Bangor’s first ever Culture Day.

“I look forward to taking the Alliance message of a shared future free of intimidation and fear to the wider community across North Down.”

North Down Alliance MLA Stephen Farry added: “I’m delighted to see Andrew selected to represent North Down. His diverse background and dedication to making North Down a shared, inclusive society makes him an ideal candidate to counter the tried and failed tribal politics of the past.”

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