Muir: ‘Time for DUP to end blood ban’

Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has urged Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Simon Hamilton to end the gay blood ban before he leaves office, following today’s court ruling the Health Minister should decide on its future here.

North Down Councillor Andrew Muir was speaking after the Court of Appeal decided it should be Simon Hamilton instead of the UK Health Secretary who should decide whether gay men should be allowed to give blood here.

“It is now time for the Minister to make a decision, which I hope he does, based on the available evidence rather than continuing to drag his heels following five years of inaction by successive health Ministers.

“Simon Hamilton has previously stated the ban could be lifted if it is ruled safe to do so. With Britain already permitting donations, it’s about time equality was realised here too, instead of continuing the era of blatant discrimination and second-class citizenship.

“We have again been reminded of the DUP’s track record in Government, when people have been left with no other option than to seek redress via the courts to end inequality. I would urge the Minister to end this ban before he leaves office. Otherwise he risks leaving a legacy of inaction and indecision behind him.”

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