Muir secures Council commitment to cleaner streets

Ards and North Down Council is to get tougher when it comes to removing chewing gum from pavements in popular areas across the borough, thanks to the efforts of Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir.

At the latest Environment Committee meeting, steps to tackle the growing problem were outlined, after Councillor Muir previously requested various options be explored to get the problem ‘unstuck’.

He said: “Chewing gum stuck to our streets is a growing problem and is becoming more and more noticeable at popular destinations across Ards and North Down following recent Public Realm works and new pavements laid. I’m delighted officers have taken my request seriously and provided substantial information on how we can take action against this horrible sight which is destroying the new granite pavements.

“The Council’s Environment Committee has agreed to consider including necessary financial resources for a chewing gum removal programme focused on the Public Realm works as part of the Rates setting process for 2018/19 and also include the issue as part of a new Litter Control Strategy, targeting hot spots and raising awareness.

“We all have our part to play and while it is good to see the Council taking this issue seriously, prevention is always a better way. So I would appeal to all gum chewers to think before you discard used gum on the streets, but instead to always look for bins provided.”

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