Muir reveals Kinnegar sewage work to get underway

Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has revealed work will begin next month to tackle the on-going sewage pollution and odour problems in the Kinnegar area.

A long-term campaigner to secure action to address the issue, Councillor Muir said work would begin on October 6, as part of an 18-month contract to tackle a number of problems in the area. Councillor previously secured over £3m funding for NI Water to resolve the problem.

Councillor Muir said: “This is fantastic news for everyone living in the surrounding vicinity that is constantly plagued by odour problems. The much-needed scheme is long overdue and the news that work is finally about to get underway will bring great relief for many.

“I appreciate that NI water have in the past attempted to alleviate the problem by managing tidal flows and have had limited success. With the odour frequently returning it is clear short-term solutions are no-longer enough to tackle this significant problem.

“Holywood has some great open spaces for its residents and visitors to enjoy, yet it is frustrating that often what could be a good experience is overshadowed by the foul smell. I hope at the end of this latest round of work the problem will be permanently solved.”

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