Muir raises Twisel Bridge Flooding Fears

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has raised concerns that the area around Twisel Bridge, Holywood could soon be flooded if immediate action isn’t taken. The Alliance representative has been pressing the Rivers Agency to take action but fears it may soon be too late.

Cllr Muir stated “In late September I asked the Rivers Agency to remove the large tree trunks in the river near Twisel Bridge. In response they refused to move the tree trunks, stating they would only initiate action to ensure removal if there was “risk of a significant increase of flooding”. The tree trunks have now moved as a result of the recent heavy rainfall and are very near the entrance to the culvert. If they aren’t immediately removed I fear that they will soon block the culvert with many houses in the nearby area flooded.”

“I have asked the Rivers Agency to ensure the immediate removal of the tree trunks before many houses in Holywood are submerged in flood water. The time for action is now”.


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