Muir: Economy Minister must “check her attitude”

Alliance MLA Andrew Muir has called on the Economy Minister to “check her attitude” when it comes to helping local businesses navigate issues currently being caused by Brexit.

Speaking in the Assembly on Tuesday, Mr Muir said the Minister’s current attitude did little to help all those workers and businesses struggling with the current situation.

He added: “Rather than stomp their feet, castigate others, turn their back on North South co-operation and expect everyone else to do the work for them, the DUP – and the Economy Minister – needs to take their heads out of the sand and work to find solutions, or risk hindering businesses everywhere.

“The Economy Minister needs a reality check. Businesses are looking for answers, seeking ideas and innovative ways to interact within the two markets we can now benefit from.

“Brexit always meant borders and lost opportunities. It is farcical that the Economy Minister and her party seem to have only realised this in recent weeks.

“I would appeal to her now to work collectively with others to find practical realistic solutions and to help workers and the business industry succeed in the new future ahead.”