Muir: DUP out of touch with North Down

Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has said the DUP has proved how out of touch it is with the people of North Down, after failing to support a motion calling on the Executive to show leadership in the wake of Brexit.

The Holywood representative was speaking after all DUP representatives either voted against or abstained on plans for the Council to write to the First Minister and deputy First Minister calling them to outline how they are planning to address the impact of withdrawing from the EU on Northern Ireland.

Councillor Andrew Muir said: “We are in a time of crisis, made worse by the DUP’s complete lack of leadership on what the future of Northern Ireland will look like.

“Local DUP Councillors have obviously been inspired by the actions of their leader, and so far Arlene Foster has left the majority in Northern Ireland who voted to remain part of the EU feeling lost and concerned for the future.

“While we must recognise this was a UK-wide decision, the 56 percent who voted to remain want to know what happens next. The DUP were part of the Leave campaign so it is important they now outline their plans to deal with the expected funding gap now facing Northern Ireland.”

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