Muir delivers improvements to road in Holywood

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has welcomed news that Demesne Road, Holywood will soon be resurfaced, following sustained lobbbying from him.

Commenting on the issue, Cllr Muir stated: “After sustained lobbying I am delighted to learn that the Roads Service intend to resurface this important route with preparatory work already underway.

“Many local residents contacted me after the cold weather destroyed Demesne Road leaving the road with a lunar like surface. In response I lobbied the Roads Service on a number of occasions and am glad to report another example of how Alliance is Leading Change in Holywood.

“This work will hopefully reduce the amount of problems which have occurred as a result of cars and cyclists often swerving to avoid pot holes along Holywood’s worst road.

“With Demense Road soon to be resurfaced my attention has now turned to Brook Street which many now consider to be Holywood’s second worst road.

“Photographs of the massive pot holes have been passed to the Roads Service along with a request that the pot holes are immediately dealt with and the road resurfaced.

“This important link road needs repaired without delay, with a clean surface of tarmac well deserved so motorists can make their way around Holywood without worrying whether their cars will be damaged as a result of sub standard roads.”


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