Muir concerned Holywood Park in danger due to landslide

North down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has said Holywood’s Glen Lyon Park is at risk of destruction after landslides have left an embankment close by in a perilous state.

Councillor Andrew Muir said: “After being contacted by the Greenspaces Group and visiting the park in person I am very concerned that recent and on-going earth movements have already caused one landslide, with another likely if action isn’t taken soon.

“Initial contact with Council officers indicates that responsibility for rectifying problem rests with a private land owner. Whilst liaison is on-going to secure the unstable embankment, I am concerned that until a solution is in place the scenic park could be destroyed with contents of nearby homes and the busy Church Road tumbling down into the tranquil Twisel Burn River”

Concluding, Councillor Muir added: “I look forward to receiving further updates on efforts to resolve this problem before less favourable weather conditions arrive further increasing the risk of another more disastrous landslide.”

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