Muir angry at news another Post Box lost in the mail

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has criticised Royal Mail after learning that yet another Post Box in the Holywood area has been removed, adding the future of the box was as yet unclear, despite promises made that it will be replaced nearby.

The front door of the historic Post Box at Seafront Road, Cultra, was removed shortly before the Easter Holidays by Royal Mail citing corrosion, with replacement plans left unclear until local residents and Councillor Muir intervened.

“Following on from the ongoing debacle concerning the removal of Post Box at Station Road, Craigavad, I was appalled to learn from local residents just before the Easter break that yet another Post Box had been removed,” Councillor Muir said.

“With the Post Box at Seafront Road a unique Victorian box which regularly attracts attention of passers-by, forming part of a listed building and also enjoying a good level of usage I have been working hard to resolve the situation.

“Investigations have unearthed news that the door was removed due to corrosion and since it is now found to be beyond repair for continued usage a new plan secured.

“The historic box will be restored to its original beauty but decommissioned for use and, in order to avoid any confusion, painted black as per arrangement which has already received stamp of approval from English Heritage.

“A new post box for public use will also be located nearby, following receipt of necessary approvals from Transport NI.

“With local people exasperated following recent events at Station Road I intend to monitor this issue carefully to ensure these commitments are fulfilled and Holywood gets the First Class service it deserves from Royal Mail.”

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