Morrow calls on others to stop cranking up tension after parade trouble

Alliance South Belfast representative Duncan Morrow has called on politicians to stop “cranking up tension” following a junior Orange Order parade which sparked disturbances on the Ormeau Road.

Mr Morrow was speaking in the wake of the parade on Tuesday (March 29), which saw marchers and members of the South Belfast Young Conquerors flute band clash with police and CS spray subsequently deployed.

Mr Morrow said some parties were attempting to make political capital from the incident without knowing the full facts.

“The police have to make operational decisions, which are of course open to challenge, but in this case, like every one, we have to stick with established facts. They are yet to be made clear, so it is not only grossly irresponsible but potentially life-threatening to deliberately ramp up tensions for electoral gain is sickening.

“We have now seen the personal details of a police officer published on social media. Given the recent actions of dissidents, that could have frightening consequences. The same politicians rushing to issue judgement on the actions of the officer have been noticeably quiet when it comes to condemning the release of his details.

“Certain politicians and parties are making allegations based on nothing other than their perceptions and political biases in an attempt to gain political capital. I would call on those doing so to stop creating a crisis before the facts are known.”

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