Morrow: Brexit is biggest threat facing farming industry

Alliance Councillor Tim Morrow has described Brexit as the ‘biggest threat’ facing the growing farming industry.

The Lisburn and Castlereagh Councillor – who is a farmer by trade – said Brexit was ‘one scary word’ that people needed to wake up to.

“In my opinion, Brexit would be a disaster for my industry,” he said.

“A neighbour recently said to me that without his single farm payment his livelihood would be at risk, with the possibility he would have to stop farming on a farm his family have worked for generations.

“Moving forward, does anyone actually believe the government will suddenly prop up farming? That it will keep agriculture high on its priority list of spending? Voters need to be realistic about the impact Brexit will have.

“Not only would Brexit effect producers, but also consumers as the cost of production would be passed to them.

“And when it comes to ‘getting rid of all the red tape’, it is worth remembering that if we want to trade with Europe then not only will we have to comply with all their rules, but we will have to pay a tariff as well.

“Don’t be fooled, Brexit would be a disaster for us all. The DUP who claim to be the farmers friend and the party for business have got this wrong, badly wrong.”

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