More than Words Necessary from the IRA – Bell

Alliance Party Deputy Leader, Eileen Bell, speaking in response to the IRA statement that they are set to intensify ‘discussions’ with the IICD has said than concrete gestures rather than empty words are necessary from Republicans if the process is to move forward.

Eileen Bell said:

“This peace process is going nowhere unless we can establish confidence in the integrity of the Republican and Loyalist cease-fires.”

“We came tantalisingly close to making a breakthrough at the beginning of August. But while the IRA offer on modalities to de Chastelain was encouraging, it was too little too late.”

“At the very least, the IRA should be retabling their offer and announcing the date when they will undertake their first acts of decommissioning.”

“But the IRA must also recognise that the global attitude to terrorism has changed. There is a clear need for the IRA to properly account for their activities in Colombia, and to renounce the use of violence.”


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