More must be done to protect local healthcare staff – Alliance

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA, has demanded more protection for healthcare workers and the immediate introduction of stronger sentences for those that assault health professionals. His demands come as a survey was published indicating that two in five doctors in Northern Ireland have experienced violence or verbal abuse in the past year. The survey is based on responses from almost 1,000 doctors and was published today by the British Medical Association.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “Its time that the government cracked down on the thugs who attack healthcare professionals.

“We need stronger sentences against perpetrators and we need them introduced immediately. There must be a stronger deterrent in place to stop these thugs.

“Hospitals and surgeries must be given more funding so that more protection can be provided for staff. Funding should be provided so that more security doors and cameras can be installed and so that more security staff can be employed in hospitals.

“Alcohol plays a major part in many of these assaults too. Many of the assailants are under the influence of alcohol. The drinking culture which exists here must be tackled and I am glad to see that a hard-hitting advertising campaign against binge drinking has been introduced recently.”


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