More funding needed for successful green energy grants

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson, Cllr Alan Lawther, has welcomed news that government green energy grants are at last proving to be a success and has called for more funding for the scheme. It was revealed that almost half of the £8 million allocated to help people install renewable energy sources has been given out. Alan Lawther had previously expressed his disquiet at the level of bureaucracy involved in applying for a grant and stated that this stopped many people from getting involved in the scheme.

The Antrim Councillor stated: “I am glad that this scheme is finally proving to be a success. I would however like the government to consider investing more cash into it.

“The government should be doing all in its power to encourage people to install green energy systems in their homes and further funding would help achieve this goal.

“The uptake rate for the green grants has been good with around half of the funding already being allocated.

“There were initial problems over bureaucracy, however; the scheme seems to be working well.

“This scheme has proved successful and I hope that the government will extend it. More people are aware of the importance of heating our homes through green energy systems and I hope the government keeps up with the pace of the public.”


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