More ambitious approach needed to tackle childhood obesity: McCarthy

Alliance Assembly Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has said more ambitious measures than just advertising restrictions are needed to tackle childhood obesity.

Responding to news that UK Government ministers are considering clamping down on more than just TV advertising, the Strangford Assembly member stated: “Ministers need to consider measures well beyond restrictions on any form of advertising.

“This is not about limiting what people can and cannot do. It is about sending out consistent messages based on clear research about the dangers of junk food.

“Restrictions on advertising are one thing, but what is needed is a consistent approach in schools and youth clubs whereby healthy food is made more available. This will be in line with what young people learn in both educational and sporting activity.

“We do not seek to control people’s lives by banning and restricting everything, but rather by presenting consistent information about the very real dangers of obesity and ensuring that people have every opportunity to choose healthier options.

“We have brought this issue up consistently in Northern Ireland, including at this year’s Conference, and we will continue to do so.”


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