Moore asks for investigation into possibility of cycle path for town

Alliance Sperrin candidate Scott Moore has asked for an investigation into the potential for a cycle path through Strabane.

The proposed path would run along the length of the Derry and Melmount roads via the town centre, providing a safe space for local people living near the arterial roads in the town to travel to school and work by cycling, and would mainly take the form of a segregated section along the current footpath. Scott has now written to the Department for Infrastructure asking them to investigate the possibility.

“I support the creation of a footbridge between the town centre and the bus station, and more play parks for local children. But these measures don’t go far enough. The cycle path will make it easier for families across the town to quickly and safely access any new play parks, and will help shift our travel habits much more than a footbridge alone could.

“This is a real opportunity to inspire many to get active and get outdoors. If we are to transform the quality of life in our town and lift ourselves out of deprivation, we need to be willing to embrace distinctive and transformative new solutions to the problems we face.

“For every £1 invested in cycling, £13 is generated for our local economy, through less congestion, better health, better air quality, less sick days and more spending in our town centre. This cycle path would bring a wealth of good to our community, and I’m determined to do what it takes to fight for fresh new ideas that will transform our town. I have asked the Department to investigate the possibility of such a path and if elected in May, I will work as a Councillor to promote cycling and enable more people to take it up.”
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