MLAs say Bombardier ruling great news for Northern Ireland

Alliance East Belfast MLAs have said the US International Trade Commission’s ruling in favour of Bombardier is great news for the city and Northern Ireland.

Naomi Long MLA and Chris Lyttle MLA were speaking after the ITC rejected Boeing’s claim, discarding the previous temporary duties imposed on Bombardier’s C-Series jets.

“We welcome this ruling and that the ITC has rightly accepted Bombardier’s position, recognising the assistance given to the company by the Canadian Government for the C-Series wings, was entirely legitimate,” said Mrs Long.

“It is tribute to the workers and trade unions, and all those who applied pressure throughout this period. I hope it is the end of the matter, which has been highly disruptive to Bombardier and extremely stressful for local employees of the company and those working in the supply chain. We need to ensure the organisation can now proceed with the construction and supply of one of the most innovative aircraft on the global market.”

“It is essential the UK Government and a restored Northern Ireland Executive put in place a robust economic strategy across the manufacturing sector, so companies such as Bombardier can be better defended against any such aggressive American protectionist action in future,” added Chris Lyttle.

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