MLAs “must not waste a single minute” to get Assembly up-and-running – McCarthy

Alliance Assembly Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has said Assembly members cannot afford to waste any time if they are to get the Assembly, Executive and cross-border institutions operating properly as soon as possible.

The Strangford MLA stated: “Alliance has been quite clear – we will meet anyone at any time if it helps get the institutions up and running and the MLAs back doing the job they are elected and paid for.

“It is a disgrace this process is dragging on so long. Many people will be alarmed that even when we do meet on Monday for the first time in three years, we will spend half a day signing in, one day debating, and then leave the chamber again for another week.

“We should be working every hour available to us to get these institutions functioning properly on behalf of all our people. If that means a five-,

six- or even seven-day week, so be it. We have not a minute to lose.

“What we in the Alliance Party are demanding, and what I believe most people in Northern Ireland are demanding, is that MLAs get on with the job. That means the immediate establishment of an all-party roundtable to gain consensus on a way forward, and on institutions that are going to stand the test of time. The people of Northern Ireland should, and will, accept nothing less.”


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