Mitchell praises DoE action

After repairing damaged traffic lights at the junction of the Glen and Knock Road in East Belfast, the Department of the Environment has been signalled out for praise by a local councillor.

Councillor Patrick Mitchell, who is one of four Alliance Party councillors on Castlereagh Borough Council, described this week’s response by the DoE’s to the broken traffic lights as “swift” and “professional”.

It is understood that the traffic lights, which are situated at one of Belfast’s busiest junctions, were damaged during the violence which flared as a result of the Drumcree stand-off in Portadown.

Mr. Mitchell claims that the traffic lights have been targeted during previous Drumcree related disturbances but added that DoE staff were unable to gain access to the junction as a result of road blockades.

“I would like to praise the DoE for its tremendous response to the damaged traffic lights. They were very efficient and I’m sure the motorists of the area want to thank them for getting the lights up an running again,” he said.

“This is not the first time that traffic lights have been damaged during disturbances related to Drumcree and it is a pity that those who cause the damage do not have to pay for the repairs.”

“The lights were installed because of the difficulties experienced by motorists moving from the Glen Road on to the dual carriageway. Deprived of the help of these lights, motorists from the district could easily have been injured or killed. “

“It is clear that those who cause the damage to the traffic lights never think of the potentially lethal consequences. It’s about time that these people had more respect for their areas. We must not have a repeat of this destruction in July 1999,” added Mr. Mitchell


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